Our Heritage

Crafting fragrances worthy of the Machaoo portfolio takes time. Late into the night,
the perfumer pores over his rare and delicately selected ingredients to achieve
matchless blends of supreme elegance and quality, building on ideas formulated
over months, if not years.


Established in 2014, with more than 40 unique Oriental and traditional luxurious
fragrances, Machaoo is the largest manufacturer of traditional fragrances and
retailer in the sub continent specializing in incense, oriental perfumes and oil
perfumes. Being the Scent of Luxury, Machaoo aims at bringing over 1500 year’s
old range of perfumery dating back to the oldest of traditions from the Mughal’s of
Delhi Sultanate to the British Raj along with expertise in the production of
authentic scents to its customers. The company manages a supply chain of 62
stores across the nation selling over 40 luxurious and unique fragrances with a
dedication to quality and perfection in the art of perfumery.

At Machaoo we understand that achieving greatness doesn't come easily, you have
to prove to the world that you are worth it and you have to keep in mind that every
single detail counts. We thrive for perfection, diversity, sophistication and
excellency in all our products. To achieve that we become creative with everything
from the product itself to choosing distinctive designs for all our perfume bottles
that preserves our traditional culture and heritage.


We at Machaoo believe that wearing a perfume is more than just about smelling good and seeming presentable.
For some people, it is about making a statement and leaving a good impression on others. There are also people
who see it as a form of self-expression. For them, a perfume can be a reflection of their personality and
preferences in life. With a multitude of choices available, finding the perfume that absolutely suits your style and
your purpose for wearing one can be a daunting task, especially in a land where Traditional fragrances abound.
Thus we at Machaoo continuously work to create the highest quality traditional fragrances available in the market
today. Through our combined knowledge and considerable experience in identifying premium fragrances and the
most notable names in the industry, we are able to offer an immense collection of the finest perfumes offered in
the market today.

Now, you do not need to search high and low to own a fragrance of world-class quality. Whatever perfume you
choose, you can be sure it is created from top-quality materials and according to the most stringent quality
standards. With our portfolio of fragrances and our collection of various scents, we are able to offer a diverse array
of choices that feature only the best. No matter what you prefer, be it a playful or a sophisticated scent, we have it
for you. With our Machaoo perfumes, you are sure to find a fragrance, a scent that truly represents all you are. If
you want to liven up your evening or make a grand statement, then we surely have the fragrance that can help you
do just that.


The Dzire Series

Sensational from the outside, traditional inside, this perfume is a combination of royal and luxurious aromas,
representing a symbol of nobility and modernity.

Intimate Series

Launched by the Machaoo house in 1995, intimate is classified as a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance . This scent
possesses a blend of floral woods with lower notes of oakmoss. It is recommended for casual wear.

AmbitiON Series

This is a perfume for the ambitious, no mater what generation they belong to. It opens with citrus notes
of bergamot and sage leaf. The heart features floral and woody notes blended with aromatic spices,
laid on a base of musk and amber.

Empress Series

The desirous mixes of fragrance will make your senses desire and crave even more and more.

The Regal Seriess

A unisex perfume for invigorate the senses of both the sexes. Its unique blend and perky notes will tease one's
senses and will fire the desire for more. A subtle hint of spiciness is a definitely the money's worth.

Trey Series

Fragrance – a result of fusion of East and the West, the sporty aroma will rejuvenate your senses.


The fragrance with a touch from the days of British Raj. The combined grandness of Royal Indian and British fragrance – Feel It !

Mystic Mists

Mystic Mists aroma is from the renowned agarwood reminder of the age old tradition of perfumery, a fragrance
which is almost classic and reminds one of glory of the Indian Royalty of the South and their eclectic tastes.

Al arab Series

The King of Fragrances of all the world, the subtle albeit the most powerful aroma of the nature, processed with the
delicate hands of the Arabian Perfumers and brought before you to give you a refreshing sense of the redolence.
The true favorite of the Arabian Royalty and a gift of nature. A powerful aroma of the kingdom of scents which is
delicate and composed of subtle notes of freshness of nature. Truly it is the Pride of the Arabian Perfumers.

Signature Seriess

The most essential ingredient of the perfumery, the agarwood, valued over centuries to this day. The fragrance which
is the mother of all the perfumes. Made from the nature's stores of perfumery nurtured by the sweet smell of the
soil and sparkling rivulets of the wilderness. The base note of all the existing perfumes carefully blended and
brought to perfection by the hands of Deccani Perfumers. Experience the most valued aroma of the perfumery
and revitalize yourself with the secret of the nature.